Row Selector

The row selector component allows the user to select a list for bulk actions. It should only be used within tk-list-row.

Row Selector

<tk-row-selector is-selected aria-label="study row" size="medium"></tk-row-selector>

Row Selector: Sizes

<tk-row-selector size="small"></tk-row-selector>
<tk-row-selector size="medium"></tk-row-selector>
<tk-row-selector size="large"></tk-row-selector>

Row Selector: Disabled

<tk-row-selector size="large" is-disabled="true"></tk-row-selector>


Property Options Default Description
aria-label "row" Sets the aria-label for the checkbox. The component appends “selected” / “not selected” depending on the state.
is-disabled false Sets the checkbox to disabled.
is-selected false Sets the checkbox to :checked state.
size small, medium, large large Sets the size of the checkbox.


Name Description
select Emits whenever the checkbox is checked or unchecked.